Termite Treatment


Termites commonly known as white ants are social insects. They benefit mankind by their effective re-cycling of organic matter into the soil. Unfortunately sometimes, the organic matter they recycle is our houses and other man-made structures. Termites are known to cause more damage than storms, floods and fire put together. A termite colony consists of the termite queen, soldiers and workers. A mature colony may have over a million termites residing in a termitaria. It is the subterranean termites, which pose major risk to structures in India. 

Termiban Breaks the Barrier 
Termiban is an innovative termiticide. It breaks through the ‘repellent barrier’ mentality and allows the pest control specialist to get the best results at minimal rates. 

Mode Of Action 
Unlike conventional termiticides, which act by a repellent or immediate contact kill, termiban creates non-repellent Treated Zone in the soil that function as termite “killing field”. Termiban and get exposed to lethal doses of the product.